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In our Computer Repair shop and our Onsite IT Support Department, we specialize in making your computers run as fast and smoothly as possible.,If you want to be treated well and have your computer running better than ever, come to Ducktoes Computer shop and repair lab. We want to make your experience with computers better and help you use technology to improve your life and business.

Ducktoes Calgary Computer Shop with nice yellow and blue colours.

Or give us a call if you have questions or need onsite support at your business or home:

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$10 Off Spring Really Has Sprung for all Computer Repair

Just because it's snowing, it doesn't mean it isn't spring, and we appreciate your business on these iffy spring days, so we'll take $10 off any repair job if you mention this coupon.

And you'll also get a free micro-fibre cloth to clean your monitor or laptop screen.


Our Services:

We are friendly, honest, have years of experience and training, and give the best service and attention to your computers and you that we possibly can. We can start today.

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Our blog is about computer repair, web design, seo, and how to use technology to improve your life. Check out our latest blog post our new toy quadcopter or other posts about our client and Facebook fan who lost her Facebook account or on how to speed up your computer yourself by adding new ram. We want make your experience with computers better.

Virus Removal with a Difference

We specialize in virus removal without reformatting or losing your photos, business documents, programs and music. We just remove the viruses, nothing else. You don't need to go back to square one just because you have a virus. After the viruses are removed, we speed up your computer by getting rid of junk files and unwanted processes and fixing hard drive and registry errors. We also fix all kinds of computer hardware and software problems. We fix gently. We have a dedicated virus removal lab in our Calgary shop. We have a new anti-virus cocktail which will greatly improve your computers chances of warding off viruses.

Business Clients Needing Onsite IT Support

We offer a full range of onsite support for Calgary businesses and corporations including break/fix and IT consulting. We and maintain servers, networks, pos system and workstations. We excel at resolving computer networking and server issues and preventing future issues. Our Calgary business clients include oil and gas, professional, medical, veternarian, restaurant and hospitality, retail, and non-profit. Business clients needing onsite support click here. Or call 403-219-3031. For after hour emergencies call 403-483-0105.

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We have a Google+ with news and discounts! Visit us.


Custom Built Computers

We now offer custom computers we will build at your request including the Ducktoes Speed Machines that boot within seconds. We also build business and value machines for every budget. To get started take a look at our Preconfigured Custom Systems .

Yes, We Fix the Cybercrime UKash Virus.

This virus is an epidemic and we have removed it from over fifty computers. You won't lose your documents, photos, or music when we remove it, either, just the virus. Also you won't wait a week or two for us to look at it. We can start today. Now. Read the blog post how this virus made our 85-year-old client cry.

Backup Special for Winter, 2014

Your hard drive has a terminal illness. Called wear and tear. It is slowly dying and when it finally stops spinning you will lose everything on it that you don't have backed up. SO PAY ATTENTION! Back up your stuff. And if you want us to help we would feel so relieved for you, please let us.

Here's a special offer to Back Up Your Computer. Don't lose your photos, programs, or files, backup now!

Full Service Shop

Yet we offer much more than that. Ducktoes Computer Services offers a full range of computer repair, laptop repair, web design and development services, SEO and onsite business IT support services.

The Owner Talks about Ducktoes:

New Item: Novelty Memory Sticks and Flash Drives

In the shop we have flash drives in various characters.

Awesome Staff

Our techs are both personable and professional. Really, they are wonderful. Contrary to conventional wisdom, techs can have good social skills and we hire the ones that do. We are a local community-based business located in Calgary, Alberta and have been servicing both business and residential computer systems for the past ten years. We pride ourselves by staffing some of the best computer techs in the city for a Calgary computer repair shop; who collaborate and work together to solve the more difficult computer repair and virus removal problems. If you want to be treated well and have your computer running better than ever, come to Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair.

Why should you choose Ducktoes Computer Services?

We lose the virus but keep the photos, itunes, and business documents.
On all repairs, we make your data, photos and documents our priority and have extensive virus and spyware removal experience without doing a clean install. This takes longer and is more difficult than reformatting the hard drive, but is much easier on you, the client. We don't reformat or use reformatting as our main repair tool and wipe out your personal and business files. We remove viruses without removing data. Don't let other tech companies fool you, adequate virus removal and computer optimization takes longer than one or two hours. We give your computer the time necessary to do an excellent job. And reformatting using our methods is rarely necessary. We provide free anti-virus software for every computer we service.

We also are expert and experienced hardware technicians for both desktops and laptops. And we do servers. We repair and replace hard drives, video cards, motherboards, power supplies, ram, fans, cpus, laptop screens, laptop motherboards, laptop jacks, laptop anything. . If it's hardware we fix it.

We have a Monday Morning Special.. Bring your computer in on Mondays before noon and ask for the Monday Morning Special and we'll give you 10% off.

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Our Address and Phone Number:

Ducktoes Computer Services (formerly Dawsons)
902 Centre Street N
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P7
Free parking on the south side of the building.

Our phone:

Shop: 403-219-3031 or After Hours Support: 403-483-0105.

Or you can book an onsite support call for your home or business.
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Remote Support

We offer Remote Support. Call (403)219-3031 to set up your session and then click the button below.

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Remote Support!

We are top-notch techs with extensive expertise, professionalism, and people skills. We are friendly, welcoming to all types of people and situations and always put your data, needs, and confidentiality first. Unlike many techs, we enjoy people and have good communication skills. We have extensive training and years of experience. We are a small Calgary computer repair shop with a difference, we care about you and your computer.

We do everything.
If it has to do with computers, we do it. We repair, install and maintain all kinds of hardware and software and repair all kinds of computers, including desktops, laptops, and servers. We also provide Business IT support and solutions for all businesses and non-profits.. And we make onsite business and residential calls.

We build computers that are designed to last with high-quality parts and local service.

We do data recovery.

Along with computer repair services, we also offer web design, development, maintenance, and search engine optimization (SEO) services for business. We write SEO-friendly code which gets optimal search engine visibility and more targeted traffic. We'll get your business to the top of Google.

We guarantee all work.

Call (403)219-3031 for more information.

Author: by Cathie Dunklee-Donnell